Sunday, September 30, 2012

Toy Museum in Prague, Czech Republic 2011

Visiting the Toy Museum in Prague, Czech Republic is a treat and a half!  It's certainly not just for kids!    Vintage and antique toys fill this lovely space to the brim.  From robots, to Barbie to tea sets, bears, Christmas decorations, and so much more!  Here are just a tiny few of the treasures found at the museum:

Monkey circus fun!

Adorable kitty cats!

Classic vintage snowman!

Wooden peg dolls.

Sweet antique baby doll.

Hand embroidered doll clothes.

Doll's trunk of clothes and toys!  Love love!

Pure vintage Santa!

More vintage Santa and his sleigh!

Antique Halloween shakers

Santa and a little angel baby

Who are these little bunny guys?  Easter Rabbit papier mache fun!

Peg sailor dolls.

Old fashioned peg dolls.

The Toy Museum in Prague, Czech Republic, is definitely worth the visit, even if you're all grown up!  The toys there transport even the oldest adult back in time to childhood days and it's terrific for anyone interested in toy history, identification or who just wants to relive the good old days!

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